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Baker Web Design

Baker Web Design is a freelance web development agency that has brought together some wonderful young talent to make the web a better place! We are three gentlemen working to create beautiful and functional, mobile friendly, web marketing packages, custom tailored to each clients specific wants and needs!

We specialize in custom content management systems that bring powerful web mastering to your finger tips. This is accomplished by creating a administrative control panel for each site where the owner can log in and change any thing on the site quickly and easily. Let us get started on your project today!

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Jacob Baker Owner / Developer

I love to make things work! I have spent the last 5 years accumulating a wealth of design, development, marketing and advertising knowledge to help businesses like my own achieve more success. If I'm not working on a site, I'm more than likely trying to learn something new to add greater functionality and speed to my web development process.

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Josh Hill Photographer / Videographer

This Bio will be posted this week. Sorry for the delay. -Jacob Baker 8-6-14

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Kenneth Scott Customer Service Agent

This Bio will be posted this week. Sorry for the delay. -Jacob Baker 8-6-14

Want to join the crew?

We love collaborating with new people! If you think you have some skills you can add to our team feel free to drop us a line on the contact page. Who knows, you could be the one to help us all achieve fame and fortune through our noble resolve to be the best.